3M AP2 series AP2-C401-G Water Filter Cartridge


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$62.95 each when you buy 2. 3M AP2-C401-G Replacement Water Filter Cartridge provides cleaner, purer better tasting water. AP2 G filters are more compact using 53 percent less plastic than the original AP2 water filter range, reducing waste and providing a more environmentally responsible option, without compromising performance.

• 3M Superior Quality original cartridge
• Reduces chlorine, contaminants, sediment, lead, VOCs
• 1 Micron carbon block filtration
• Reduces cysts
• Certified NSF ANSI standards 42 and 53
• Easy sanitary quick change cartridge

The AP2-C401-G is a lower priced alternative to AP2-C405-SG.
If your water area is high in limescale and you require heavier targeted scale reduction we recommend -SG filters ie the AP2-C405-SG.

The AP2 C401-G replaces, may be used as a replacement for, or is also known as:
AP2-C401-S, AP2-C401-G, AP2-401-SG, AP2-C405-S, AP2-405-S, AP2-405-G, AP2-405-SG

Max Pressure: 862 kPa, use with Pressure Limiting/Reducing valve
Nominal Micron Rating: 1 micron
Capacity: 4,000 litres
Replace: Every 12 months, or when capacity has been used, or when performance and flow declines, – whichever occurs first