3M HF25-S Water Filter alternative for C-CYST-FF and C-CS-FF

3M HF25-S Water Filter Cartridge 3M part 5615203 May also be used as a replacement for C-CS-FF and C-CYST-FF



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3M HF25-S Replacement Water Filter Cartridge may be used in place of C-CS-FF and C-CYST-FF. For consistent high quality filtered water that can be used for food preparation and to make great tasting beverages.

The Cuno 3M HF25-S part 5615203 Food Service Filter Replacement for Under-Sink high flow systems, beverages and ICE125S Icemaker Filtration. Offers excellent performance with its ability to filter particulates as small as 1 micron. This filter is a replacement cartridge for 3M High Flow series systems and is usually found on under-sink or food service equipment such as coffee machines, steam ovens, beverage making dispensing equipment and ice machines.

Water Filters have an endless shelf life. Reduced pricing when you buy multiple units.

High flow rate 5.7 litres per minute, and high capacity 37,854, litres.

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Part Numbers

The Cuno 3M HF25-S can be used to replace, or is known as, part numbers:
3M HF25-S | Cuno HF25-S | HF25 |5615203 | Aqua Pure HF25S | 56152-03 | 70020020627 | 00016145801426 | 40101805

HF25-S may also be used as a replacement for AP900 and AP9100 systems | AP9112 | AP931

HF25-S may be used as a higher capacity replacement for| C-CYST-FF | C-CS-FF | Zip 92321



  • Genuine OEM made in USA product
  • Superior performance from a world leader in filtration
  • High quality activated carbon block
  • Reduces Chlorine (96%), Impurities, Contaminants, Limescale
  • Reduces Particulates (96.2%) Turbidity, Odour, Rust, Cysts
  • Protects equipment and reduces downtime by reducing scale build up
  • Flow Rate max 5.7 litres per minute
  • Tested and certified by NSF/ANSI standard 42 and 53


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HF25-S Replacement Water Filter Cartridge:

    • EAN UPC: 016145-801426
    • 3M ID: 70020020627
    • Approx size cm:  43 x 10
    • Filter Media:  IMPACT Integrated Membrane Pre-Activated Carbon combined with Activated Carbon Block
    • Reduces Bacteria
    • Micron rating:  1 micron
    • Flow Rate:  5.7 lpm
    • Filter Life:  37,854 litres or 6 to 12 months. Replace earlier if performance declines.

ICE Makers including ICE125-S. Can also be found in under-sink systems or medium volume, medium demand, food and beverage service dispensing equipment. May be used as a higher capacity replacement for C-CS-FF and C-CYST-FF.