Eco Aqua EWF-8000A Water Filter alternative for 3M AP9112 C-CYST-FF

Eco Aqua EWF-8000A is an affordable generic alternative for: 3M Ap9112 3M C-CYST-FF C-CS-FF and others including Puretec CC-QAP9R.


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$68.90 $66.83 $66.49 $66.14 $65.46

The Eco Aqua EWF-8000A  is an affordable compatible alternative for 3M Ap9112 and 3M C-CYST-FF Water Filters. Eco Aqua EWF-8000A single cartridge can be used, in place of the original water filter in Aqua Pure AP900 AP9100 AP9400 and Aqua Pure AP Easy C water filter systems.

The Eco Aqua EWF-8000A is an economical compatible alternative to the original brands.  Reduces chlorine, contaminants, taste and odour to produce purer cleaner water that improves taste and aroma of beverages.

Water Filters have an endless shelf life. Reduced pricing when you buy multiple units. $66.83 ea when you buy two.

Sanitary Quick-Change Filter Cartridges make cartridge replacement fast and easy; without contact with used filter material. A simple twist is all it takes! The filter system valve-in-head automatically shuts off water when the filter cartridge is being replaced.

Part Numbers

The Eco Aqua EWF-8000A Alternative water filter cartridge, replaces, or is an alternative to these other original or other aftermarket filter part numbers: AP9112 | AP3-1101 | AP3-C1101 | AP3-C1102 | AP3-1102-M | AP3-C1102-M | AP Easy C-CYST-FF | Aqua Pure C-CS-FF | Filtrete 3US-PF01 | Puretec CC-QAP9R.

3M Product Number C-Cyst-FF3M ID B40070903


Eco Aqua EWF-8000A comparable alternative water filter

  • Economical alternative to the more expensive original brands
  • Quality great performing filter that removes contaminants from your drinking water
  • Improves water Quality and Taste by reducing rust, dirt, sediment, contaminants, chlorine taste and odour
  • Reduces Cysts
  • Easy Installation and operation

* does not remove minerals that may be beneficial to your health such as fluoride.

  • Please note this is a compatible spare part by independent alternative brand Eco Aqua. Other manufacturers names, trademarks, and/or part numbers have been used for comparison reference and to indicate the purpose of the part or product only.
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  • Model name: Eco Aqua EWF-8000A,
  • suitable for: may be used as an aftermarket compatible replacement for F-701R
  • Size cm:
  • Filter Media: Activated Carbon Block
  • Micron:  1 Micron
  • Flow Rate:  up to 5.7 Lpm
  • Filter Life: 37,854 litres or 6 to 12 months
  • Replace earlier if you notice water flow greatly reducing

The Eco Aqua EWF-8000A alternative water filter cartridge is designed for use in: Aqua Pure AP900, AP9111 and AP9400 water filter systems. Also suitable for Puretec model number CC-QAP9R.