Filter Logic FFL-110B alternative for BOSCH 644845 9000-077104 ULTRA CLARITY Water Filter


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$38.20 Filter Logic FFL-110B is an economical generic alternative to the more expensive factory original. The Filter Logic FFL-110B water filter may be used as a fully compatible alternative to BOSCH 644845 9000-077104 ULTRA CLARITY water filter. Made by one of the world’s most popular manufacturers this high quality great performing water filter from Filter Logic will provide fresher, cleaner, tasting water and ice.

As filters have an endless shelf life you can take advantage of lower pricing when you buy multiple units.

To provide customers with a value choice we offer theFilter Logic FFL-110B as a lower priced generic to the original brand and describe them as an alternative. They are fully compatible with the original Bosch models they replace.

Part Numbers

Filter Logic FFL-110B may be used as an alternative or replacement for these Bosch and other brand filter part numbers: Bosch, Thermador, Haier, Siemens, Miele and Neff: 641425, 643046, 644845, 740560, 740568, 740570, 740572, 9000077104, 9000-077095, 9000-077096, 9000-077104, 9000-194412, 1014430109, BT-644845, REPLFLTR10, B26FT70SNS, AP3962558, 101443, 101443-A, 1014430109, KB1000, 0060218743, 0060820860, 0060822300, RF-2800-13, RF-2800-15, 10169, 101698B, Miele KWF1000, SGF-B090, WF299, SBH-ULTRA, WSB-2, Z4500W0.


Filter Logic FFL-110B alternative for Bosch 644845 9000-077104 ULTRA CLARITY Water Filter

  • Economical alternative to expensive factory original
  • Quality great performing filter removes impurities from your drinking water
  • Improves water Quality and Taste by reducing rust, dirt, sediment, contaminants, chlorine taste and odour
  • Easy Installation and operation
  • Tested and certified by WQA against NSF/ANSI Standards 42 for materials and structural integrity
  • Tested and certified by WQA against NSF/ANSI Standards 372 for lead free compliance

* does not remove minerals that may be beneficial to your health such as fluoride.


Some manufacturers have the same model number for Refrigerators with both internal and external filter systems. Please ensure that your refrigerator uses an internal water filter before ordering this item.

This is a compatible product. Trade Marks belong to their respective owners and have been for compatibility and comparable purposes only.


1. Twist the old filter a half-turn counterclockwise
2. Pull the filter straight out (don’t worry, the water will shut off automatically)
3. Remove the reusable knob/cap from the end of the old filter
4. Discard the old filter
5. Snap the knob/cap onto the end of the new filter
6. Push the new filter into the fridge with the knob in the horizontal position until it stops
7. Twist the filter a half-turn clockwise
8. If your new filter does not turn sufficiently to trigger water flow, – turn off the water supply to your refrigerator and bleed some water from the dispenser to depressurize the system then refit your new filter
9. Flush approximately 2 litres of water from the new filter and discard before using
10. Reset your ‘change filter’ light (if your fridge has one)
Resetting Your Filter Change Indicator
1. Simultaneously press and hold the SUPER and ICE buttons for 3 seconds

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  • Model name: FFL-110B
  • UPC: 0-641612-723811
  • Size cm: 21 x 5.1
  • Filter Media: Activated Carbon
  • Flow Rate: 1.9 lpm
  • Filter Life: 2,839 litres or 6 months

Refrigerators that may use the Eco Aqua EFF-6025A alternative for Bosch 644845 9000-077104 ULTRA CLARITY Water Filter include: K59, KAD62, KA62, KAD62V70AU, KAD62DP90AU, KFN91PJ10A/01, KFN91PJ10A/02. Also fits other models including the Siemens KA62 Series Neff K5930 Series and Neff K5920. Miele KWF1000