Filter Logic FFL-180SK Compatible for Samsung DA29-00003F HAFIN1/EXP

Filter Logic FFL-180SK comparable alternative for Samsung DA29-00003F HAFIN1/EXP AND DA29-00003G HAFIN2/EXP.


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$34.90 $33.85 $33.68 $33.50 $33.16

$33.85 each when you buy two. Filter Logic FFL-180SK is an economical generic alternative to the more expensive factory original. Our recommended generic comparable alternative for Samsung DA29-00003F. The FFL-180SK is an ideal replacement for those that have experienced difficulty to fit the 3G, DA29-00003G. The FFL-180SK comparable alternative is an easier fit. New Zealand’s best prices with After Sales Service and Support Right here in New Zealand.

One of Europe’s favourite compatible brands, Filter Logic, is now available in New Zealand. We offer these generic alternative products to provide you with a value choice. We also sell the high performance Factory Original branded filters. Buy from us for peace of mind.
Authorised supplier. After Sales Service and support for the life of the filter.

Part Numbers

The Filter Logic FFL-180SK can be used as an alternative compatible replacement for these other, filter part numbers, DA29-00003, DA29-00003A, DA29-00003B , DA29-00003A-B,
DA29-00003F HAFIN1/EXP, DA29-00003G HAFIN2/EXP,
DA61-159, DA61-00159, DA61-00159A/B, DA97-06317A
TADA29-00003B, TADA29-00003A, TADA29-00003A, TADA29-00003B,
FL180S, FFL180S FFL-180S, FL180SK, FFL180SK, FFL-180SK, and after market WF289, WSS-1, SGF-DSB30.

Suits Samsung refrigerators with an internal, short, round, vertically placed filter. The filter is approximately 7.5cm in diameter and 15cm high.

The great performing Filter Logic FFL-180SK Water Filter Improves water quality and taste.


  • Easy fit, true crossover between 3F (DA29-00003F) and 3G (DA29-00003G)
  • High quality activated carbon
  • Reduces Chlorine, Impurities, and contaminants
  • Reduces Particulates Turbidity, Odour
  • Tested and certified by WQA to NSF/ANSI 42 for material safety, integrity, chlorine reduction.
  • Tested to NSF/ANSI 372 for lead free compliance
  • Tested in Italy compliant with European standards EC 1935/2004.


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  • EAN UPC:  0 641612-723750
  • Approx size cm:  14 x 8
  • Filter Media:  Activated Carbon
  • Flow Rate:  1.89 lpm
  • Filter Life:  1,135 litres or 6 months

Refrigerators that can use the Filter Logic FFL-180SK alternative compatible for Samsung DA29-00003G include Side by Side Refrigerators: SRF639GDSS, SRF752DSS, SRS710GNLS, SRS690GDLS, SRS683GDHLS, SRS712GNW, SRS713GNIS, SRS691GDIS, SRS684GDHSS, SRS611DLS, SRS611HDHSS French Door Refrigerators: RF26DBUS1/XSA, RF26DBUS1/XSA RF26NBUS, RF26NBUS1/XSA, RS24DANS1/XSA, RS24DGRS1/XSA, RS25DASV1, RSG5FURS2/XSA, RSH3KKRS, RSH3KKRS1/XSA, RSJ1KERS1/XSA SRF639GDSS, SRF752DSS, SRS606DHLS, SRS622DSS, SRS611DLS, SRS619DHSS, SRS619G, SRS683GDHLS, SRS684GDHB, SRS684GDHSS, SRS690GDLS, SRS691GDIS, SRS694GDSS, SRS700DP, SRS700DSS, SRS702GDHSS, SRS710GNLS, SRS712GNW, SRS713GNIS, SRS733DW, SRS735DHSS, SRS768DSS, SRS769DHSS, SRS798DP, SRS800DHAL, SRS676GDHLS.