Filter Logic ZAX2 Compatible for Zip Zenith 91240 91240NZ QL1 Water Filter

Filter Logic FL-ZAX2 is a generic Compatible alternative to the more expensive 91240 91240NZ original.

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SALE  $66.83 each when you buy 2. Filter Logic FL-ZAX2 is a generic Compatible alternative to the more expensive 91240 91240NZ original.  The Filter Logic ZAX2 water filter is designed to replace the classic Zip* Zenith* HydroTap filter part number 91240 91240NZ.

Filter Logic FL-ZAX2 can be used as a compatible alternative replacement for:
*ZIP 91240, QL1-ZIP, *ZENITH 91240NZ and
*EVERPURE Pro Series 1500 and OCS2.


  • High Quality Activated Carbon
  • Reduces Chlorine Taste and Odour
  • Reduces Contaminants
  • Reduces Limescale
  • Reduces sediment, particulates, cloudiness

Max Pressure:   875 kPa (125psi) non shock
Max Temp Water Inlet:   38°C
Nominal Capacity:   5,678 Litres
Replace:  Every 6 months. Replace earlier if performance has declined or if capacity has been used.
Flow Rate:   1.9 lpm

IMPORTANT Cautions/Warnings:
To reduce the risk of water leakage and failure, which if not avoided may result in property damage:
It is recommended that a pressure reducing valve is installed in the water pipe prior to the filter.
Do not install on water lines where water hammer may occur unless a water hammer arrestor has been installed..
Do not install where the water pressure supply may exceed 827kPa (120 psi)
Where a backflow prevention device has been installed on a water system, a device for controlling pressure due to thermal expansion must also be installed.
Do not leave installed longer than the recommended maximum service life of 6 months. Extended time under pressure may weaken cartridge casings.
If in doubt consult your certified plumber.

Please Note: This is a compatible, after market, part.
* Trademarks remain the property of their respective owners and have been used for compatibility and comparative purposes only.