Omnipure CK5620 Water Filter alternative for 3M AP8112


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$79.90 Genuine Omnipure CK5620 water filter cartridge is a high quality multi stage water filter that is a comparable alternative to 3M aqua-pure AP8112, AP8112G, and C-CYST-FF water filter. It may also be used as an alternative to Puretec CC-QAP8R, Omnipure offers you the best water filters in the world.

The Omnipure CK5620 water filter is a 1 micron, cyst rated, granular activated carbon filter that vastly improves water quality to produce great tasting healthier water and ice.

The Omnipure CK5620 suits AP8000 systems and others


Part Numbers

The Omnipure CK5620 water filter, replaces, or may be used as an alternative to these filter part numbers: AP8112 | C-CYST-FF | CK562 |SQC A112 | SQC CS-511 | CS-531 | Cuno CFS8112 | Puretec CC-QAP8R | Freeshly Squeezed AP8112 |


The Omnipure CK5620 water filter features:

  • Genuine OEM product
  • Made in the USA
  • Moulded unit (reduces the risk of contamination from adhesives)
  • 1 Micron carbon block
  • Reduces; cysts, heavy metals, scale, particulates, chlorine, turbidity, bad taste and odour
  • Reduces heavy metals
  • Controls scale improving equipment protection
  • Utilizes technology that optimizes surface area for contaminant reduction
  • Laboratory tested, tried and proven performance
  • Chlorine reduction is greater than 95%

* does not remove minerals that may be beneficial to your health such as fluoride.



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  • Model name: CK5620
  • UPC: 079993-2587443
  • Size cm: 31 x 6.4 (12″ x 2-1/2″)
  • Filter Media: Specialized Carbon Block
  • Flow Rate: 6 Lpm
  • Filter Life: 5,700 litres or 6 – 12 months