Electrolux PureAir Ultra II 242047806 2Pack Refrigerator Air Filters


Electrolux PureAir Ultra II 242047806 Genuine Air Filters 2 Pack $35.90 For Electrolux Frigidaire Unilux and Westinghouse Refrigerators that use the PureAir Ultra II™ 242047806 Refrigerator Air Filter. In a convenient and economical 2 Pack.
MDR4, parts 242047805, 242047806, 5303918847, PAULTRA2, ELPAULTRA2, PureAir Advantage Ultra II, 4582822, AP6285787, EAP12364179, PD00044143, PS12364179

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Electrolux Westinghouse PureAir Ultra II 242047806 2 Pack Air Filters are Genuine Electrolux Refrigerator Air Filters for use in Electrolux Frigidaire Unilux Westinghouse Refrigerators that use the PureAir Ultra II™ 242047806 Refrigerator Air Filter. $35.90 in a convenient 2 Pack.

Activated Carbon Refrigerator Air Filter replacement to reduce odours and provide clean fresh air within the refrigerator.

Pure Air Ultra II 242047806 Refrigerator Air Filter

This Electrolux Refrigerator Air Filter is designed for use in Electrolux, Frigidaire, Unilux, Westinghouse, Refrigerators that take the Pure Air Ultra II Air Filter also known as, or can be used to replace:
AP6285787, 242047805, 242047806, AF242047806, 5303918847, 925060317, 925060313, 925060324
EAP12364179, EAP12364179II, ELPAULTRA2, MDR4
PAULTRA2, PD00044143, PS12364179
Pure Air II, PureAir Advantage Ultra II, Pure Advantage Ultra II Refrigerator Air Filter
4582822, D00044143, PS12364179

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Electrolux Westinghouse Refrigerator PureAir Ultra II 2420478063 Air Filter Features:

  • East to install
  • High Quality Air Filtration
  • Economical substitute for the manufacturers original
  • Reduces odours within the refrigerator
  • 7 times more effective than baking soda
  • Activated Carbon Media

It is recommended that you replace your refrigerator air filter every 6 months, or as required depending on air quality.
Replace as recommended so you and your family can enjoy pure, clean, refrigerator air and better product aroma.
Quick and and easy filter installation.

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Refrigerator Air Filter suits Refrigerator Models:
EBE5367SA-R, PNC 925060112
ERE5047SA-R, PNC 925060115
EHE5267SA-D, PNC 925060114
WHE5260SA-D, PNC 925060031
WSE6870SA PNC 956001679
925060114 | 925060115 | 925060313 | 925060317 | 925060324



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