Omnipure Q valved Head for Water Filter 1/4 JG Quick Connect


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$52.90 Genuine Omnipure Q valved Head 1/4 Quick Connect Fittings.  The Omnipure Q Head is for use with Omnipure Q series water filters. This Q valved head model has 1/4 inch ( quick connect fittings built into and molded as part of the head. The valved head allows you to automatically turn off the water supply by twisting off the Omnipure Q-series water filters.

Additional Accessories available to purchase include:

  • Omnipure Q Head mounting brackets, plastic and metal
  • Omnipure H-118 O-ring (the large o-ring in the head unit)

Part Numbers

The Omnipure Q valved head 1/4 JG, is also known as, or replaces, or is an alternative to, these filter part numbers:
QVH1/4JG, VH14-JG, Q valved head 1/4 JG quick connect.


The Omnipure Q series valved head 1/4 JG, QVH1/4JG

  • Genuine OEM product
  • Made in the USA
  • 1/4 inch quick connect fittings molded into the head
  • Moulded as a single unit (no contamination from glues)
  • Designed for Omnipure Q series Water Filters
  • Twist on twist off filters into the head, with water ShutOff
  • Tested, tried and proven performance
  • Quick change when used with quick change heads


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  • Model name: Omnipure QVH1/4JG, VH14-JG
  • UPC: 799932-589270
  • Fitting Type: Quick Connect 1/4 inch
  • Size cm:

Maintenance of the O Ring in the filter head receptacle unit may be required from time to time. Lubricate with food grade gel or plumbers water accessory lubricant. Replace the O Ring in the water filter receptacle head unit if there are leaks.