Samsung DA29-10105J HAFEX/EXP Water Filter


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$49.37 each when you buy 2. Genuine OEM SAMSUNG Aqua-Pure PLUS DA29-10105J HAFEX/EXP Water Filter. Premium quality and superior performance by a world leader in water filtration. Consistent water flow with excellent tasting water and ice.

Not all refrigerators have a built in water filter, which is why the Samsung DA29-10105J is an external in-line water filter designed to install directly in the water line feeding your fridge.

Reduced prices when you buy multiple units. Filters have an endless shelf life.

Beware of other sellers offering non genuine after market generic filters but not disclosing that in their product information. To provide customers with a choice we also offer lower priced generics that we clearly describe as an alternative.

Part Numbers

The Samsung DA29-10105J HAFEX/EXP water filter is also known by, replaces, or may be used as an alternative to these Samsung and other brand filter part numbers: DA29-10105C, GXRTQ, R200, 155083, 18001001, 18001009, 18001010, 25004006, 25004018, 25004022, 25004082, 3010541600, 3019974100, 3650JD8050A, 3890JC2990A, 4210359, 4210508, 4210573, 4378411, 4392945, 497818, 5231JA2003B, 5231JA2010A, LG 5231JA2010B, LG 5231JA2012A, 5303310266, 5303917335, 55616, AP2615841, AP3109540, AP3219862, AP4324927, BL-9808, BL9808, C00114417, CL10RO, DA29-10105E, DA29-10105J, DD-7098, DD7098, EF-9603, EF9603, GXITQ, GXRTO, HAFEX-EXP, IF-30, IF-31, IF-35, IF30, IF30-A, IF30A, IF31, IL-IM-01, ILIM01, IN-1, K2533, K32010CB, K3MFC2010F, R-200, R-400, R0183114, SBS7052-4, SBS70524, USC100, WF283, WIC, WIC-6A, WIC6A, WICS, WPRO, WR97X180, WR97X214, WR97X215, WSF-100, WSF100, WSI-1, WSS-3, WSS3

Suits Samsung and other brand refrigerators with an external in-line water filter using 6.3mm (¼ inch) outside diameter water pipe.


The Samsung DA29-10105J HAFEX/EXP Aqua-Pure Plus Water Filter

  • High quality manufacturers original
  • Excellent performing water filter
  • Reduces rust, dirt, sediment, contaminants, chlorine taste and odour
  • Improves water Quality and Taste
  • Tested and certified by NSF International to meet or exceed NSF/ANSI Standard 42
  • Reduces 91.80% of Chlorine
  • And more

* does not remove minerals that may be beneficial to your health such as fluoride.

Fridge within warranty? Use Genuine Samsung DA29-10105J Water Filter. We recommend always using Samsung Genuine filters for their high performance and trouble free operation.

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  • UPC EAN: 8-803821-75129-6
  • Size cm: 25 x 5.1
  • Filter Media: Activated Carbon
  • Flow Rate: 1.89 lpm
  • Filter Life: 2,000 litres or 6 months

Refrigerators using the Samsung DA29-10105J include: SRS565DHLS, SRS580DHLS, SRF527DSLS, SRF579DLS, SRS565DHLS, SRS580DHLS, SRS618DP. Please ensure your refrigerator has an external water filter before ordering the DA29-10105J water filter. The Samsung DA29-10105J may also be used as a replacement for: LG 5231JA2010B, LG 5231JA2012A,