Tier1 FS-1002 Compatible for Everpure BH2 EV9612-50 Water Filter

Tier1 FS1002 Water Filter is Ideally suited for medium to high volume brewers used in office & restaurant coffee and beverage service applications. Premium quality and superior performance from a respected manufacturer. The Tier1 FS1002 is a compatible alternative for Everpure BH2 and 4CB5-S water filter cartridge.


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$84.90 or $72.65 when you buy 2. Tier1 FS-1002 is an aftermarket compatible for Everpure BH2 EV9612-50 and Everpure 4CB5-S EV9617-21 Water Filter Cartridge.

The Tier1 FS-1002 is a high quality economical compatible alternative replacement for Everpure BH2 and 4CB5-S.
Fully Compatible with Everpure QL1, QL2, and QL3 Heads.
Is NOT compatible with multi head, QL7I.

Premium quality and superior performance from a respected compatible water filter manufacturer. Consistent water flow with excellent tasting water.

Reduced prices when you buy multiple units. Filters have an endless shelf life.

Tier1 special filter blend uses activated carbon and polyphosphate reducing; chlorine taste, odour, contaminants, scale.
After Sales Service and Support right here in New Zealand.

Part Numbers

Tier1 FS1002 may be used as an alternative replacement for:
Everpure BH2 EV9612-50
Everpure 4CB5-S ECV9617-21 water filter
| 4621-12 | 4621-31 | CFS9710-S | FL4S | 00130245 | 00954297


The Everpure BH2 EV9612-50 Water Filter cartridge

  • Reduces Chlorine, taste and odour
  • Reduces rust, dirt, sediment, contaminants
  • Reduces hardness, limescale reduction
  • Improves water Quality and Taste
  • Reduces limescale buildup preventing equipment malfunctions and downtime
  • Sanitary cartridge replacement is simple quick and clean
  • Made in the USA
  • Tested and certified to meet or exceed NSF/ANSI Standards 42.
  • 3 times the volume and flow rate of BH2

* does not remove minerals that may be beneficial to your health such as fluoride.

Please note this is an aftermarket compatible part and manufacturers names have been used for compatibility and comparative purposes only. Trademarks belong to and remain the property of, their respective owners.

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  • UPC: 635510-439233
  • Size cm: 32.3 x 7.95 cm
  • Filter Media: Granular Activated Carbon
  • Micron Rating: 5 microns
  • Flow Rate: 5.6 Lpm
  • Filter Life: 37,854 litres or 6 months. Change earlier if pressure falls below 10 psi (0.7 bar)
  • Ship Weight: 1.8 kg
  • Use with Everpure QL2 and QL3 Heads
  • This system must be installed and maintained according to the manufacturer’s instructions, including installation and replacement of filter cartridges.
  • Install vertically with cartridge hanging down.
  • Allow 7cm clearance below cartridge for easy cartridge replacement.
  • Flush system for 5 minutes after each cartridge change.